42I54 is among the brands to watch at Capsule in NYC!

42I54 is among the brands to watch at Capsule in NYC!


August 09, 2016 BY WATM STAFF

Winning a silver medal in the Olympic Games of Beijing not only made Elodie Ouedraogo and Olivia Borlee a part of history, but also inspired the two runners to create sportswear line, 42|54. Their passion for sport and fashion blended to create a brand that is both functional -- afterall who better to design for athletes -- and fashionable, with light mesh and clever cut outs, adding practical cool to athleisure.

The number of women consciously choosing an active, healthy life is rapidly growing. With that active woman in mind each 42|54 piece is designed to be both functional and effortless. Women try to balance a career, family and a social life all while trying to squeeze in some much needed me-time. Ouedraogo and Borlee are designing for the everyday woman, who is a superheroine in their eyes.

The 42|54 mission is to simply be more mindful to the potential sources of conflict between work, family and me-time by offering a wide range of very technical and sports-oriented pieces that transfer very easily into comfy daywear. Clothes cool enough for work(out) and play.

See the collection at AXIS at Capsule New York.