About us

Our story

By winning a gold medal during the Olympic games in Beijing 2008 in the 4x 100 women’s relay Track and Field, the merely impossible became their reality. The dream of a group of women, who were not only professional athletes, but also dear friends came true.

They both had a long successful international career as a runner and together they reached the top in the world of sports, leading to them now joining forces again to make 42I54 another success story.

42|54 is a sportswear inspired brand named after their national record and the time in which they wrote a tiny piece of Belgian history.

The founders


After a schooling in interior design at La Cambre, Olivia also passionate about playing with volumes and conceptual fashion adds a styling degree to her resumé.

After successfully ending her career in sports, she is now a fulltime creative director for the brand.


Elodie graduates as a journalist before joining the editorial department of ELLE Belgium.

She combines her career in media as tv-host with her job as co-creative both in the styling and marketing for their brand.

Upgraded Activewear

42I54 is a Belgian based sustainable performance wear brand created by Olympic Champions for Everyday Champions with a strong DNA. Fashion forward without betraying the advanced functionality, breathability and premium second-skin feeling one expects of high-end activewear.

The company has an unrivalled knowledge of sportswear.
Today all performance wear is tested and approved  by two Olympic Champions. And of course a little wink to the founders career in ‘Track and Field’ is always present in the collections.

In true regulation of many groundbreaking Belgian designers, 42I54 likes to be a frontrunner. With minimal design and sharp details the brand has been able to bring a little bit of fashion back into the world of sports. 42I54 prides itself in only using sustainable fabrics. Clean athletes wear clean clothes. The brand strives to provide their customers high quality garments produced in an honest environment, and is therefore extremely rigid on the development and production.

42I54 simply is more mindful to the different sources of conflict between work, family and me-time by offering a wide range of very technical, sports-oriented pieces that with little to no styling easily transfer in to sporty ready-to-wear.