We are all heroes !

By winning a gold medal in the Olympic Games of Beijing, we achieved the merely impossible.

The dream of a group of women, who were not only athletes, but also dear friends came true.

In the following years we each proved to not only be dedicated sportswomen, but the will to succeed in other aspects of our lives, by combining both our passion for sport and fashion.

This resulted is the birth of 42|54 a sportswear inspired brand named after our national record and the time in which we wrote a tiny piece of Belgian history.









The number of women consciously choosing an active, healthy life is rapidly growing. With that active woman in mind each 42|54 piece is designed to be both functional and effortless. Women try to balance a career, family and a social life all while trying to squeeze in some much needed me-time.

To us they are today’s superheroines.

We consider our collection a great representation of today’s lifestyle.

By working with Belgian manufacturers we continue to proudly represent our country and are able to guarantee you an exceptional quality.

Whether it’s for a heavy gymsession or simply relaxing a run, a beautifully made outfit empowers you, it gives you the energy to work even harder.

Every woman, whether she aspires to be an olympian or just wants to achieve her very own personal goal deserves to look fearless and feel comfortable in her own skin.

In the end that is the ultimate beauty ideal.

We’re just here to help you along the way.



Transparency has always been the best policy.

That is why we prefer to be both open and honest with our customers.

And quite franckly, being open is very easy when you are as invested in a brand as we are.

From the design, to the fabric selection, the fitting and the sales. Every button, elastic band or zipper has been selected by us for you.

We are at the forefront of every step in the creative process.


Since we, as athletes, have always been supported and uplifted by our country we have made a conscious effort to work with Belgian manufacturers to ensure a premium quality and impeccable fit. And most important to offer you, our tribe, pieces that are created in an honest and safe environment. We can proudly say we do thanks to strong workrelations with fellow compatriots both in Tunesia and Portugal.

We have a responsability to inform people about the clothes they are wearing.


All of our technical fabrics and knitwear is produced in Belgium and our samples have been the result of great collaboration with our Antwerp based development team.

Season by season we find ourselves adding new talented people with great businesses to help grow a brand that is strongy infused with Belgian flavours.

Thank you all,for your ongoing support,we’ll continue to be transparent.


Olivia and Elodie